Confronting Counterfeit Coins with Beth Deisher

CoinWeek Podcast #102: Confronting Counterfeit Coins with Beth Deisher

This excerpt and podcast is reprinted with permission from CoinWeek.

This week on the CoinWeek Podcast, former Coin World editor and head of ICTA’s Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce Beth Deisher joins us to talk about the pernicious threat that counterfeit coins pose to the coin industry.

Counterfeit coins have been a fact of life since ancient times, but today’s counterfeiters operate sophisticated factories, have a global reach, and are more motivated than ever to disrupt the marketplace for rare coins and bullion coins. The presence of these counterfeits already calls into question people’s trust in collectible and investment grade coins. If left unchecked, an explosion of fake coins could have a devastating and lasting effects.

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