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The experts listed in this directory are among the most respected and trusted in the numismatic community by virtue of the high standards they pledge to uphold. They have earned trust and respect through years of dealing honestly and fairly with customers. For example, dealers included is this directory pledge to not knowingly sell counterfeits of any numismatic item – collectible coins, precious metals coins or rare paper money, etc. They also make two-way markets; that is, they both buy and sell. That’s important because you want to be sure the coin or piece of paper money you purchase is genuine. It’s equally important to know that you have options to sell your genuine coins or paper money at a fair and reasonable price when you (or your heirs) decide it is time to sell.

Before making your first purchase, if possible, it is advisable to meet the expert in person, visit his/her business, or meet with him/her at a coin show. Most of the experts listed have websites for your convenience in viewing their inventories and purchasing online. There’s an oft-used adage in the collector community. “If you don’t know coins, know your dealer. Even if you know coins, know your dealer!” That’s sage advice.

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Accredited Precious Metals Dealers: Experienced and knowledgeable specialists making two-way markets in investment coins and bars made of silver, gold, platinum, and palladium – often referred to as “bullion” coins or bars.

Ancient Coins: Specializing in genuine ancient coins.

Appraisals: Appraisals of numismatic items.

Auctions: Auction houses specializing in genuine numismatic collectibles.

Bullion: Genuine coins and bars made of precious metals among offerings.

Currency/US Paper: Specializing in genuine collectible United States paper money.

Currency/World Paper: Specializing in genuine collectible paper money from countries around the world.

Gold Coins/US: Gold Coins/US: Specializing in genuine United States gold coins.

Grading Service: Professional third-party grading services that authenticate and grade coins and paper money.

Numismatics: General term used to identify those who offer a wide range of genuine numismatic collectibles, often including bullion items.

Numismatic Publications: Affiliated with a numismatic publication.

US Coins: Selling only genuine United States coins.

World Coins/World Gold Specializing in genuine collectible World coins and gold World coins.

For services, such as auctions or grading services, visit their websites to learn about them.  

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