About ACEF

The Anti-Counterfeiting Educational Foundation Inc. is incorporated in the state of Delaware. As of January 9, 2018, the IRS determined ACEF to be exempt from federal income tax under Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501 (c) (3). The IRS classified ACEF as a public charity on August 10, 2018.

ACEF is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Sections 2055, 2106, or 2522.

The Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force is a division of the foundation and is comprised of 26 experts who volunteer their time in pursuit of the shared mission.

Mission Statement

Mobilize law enforcement resources to protect the integrity of U.S. and world coinage by educating officials on the economic impact and growing threat of counterfeit circulating, collectible, and bullion coins.

Vision Statement

Become the primary industry liaison with law enforcement and other government agencies; provide education, expertise, and other resources to law enforcement to curtail the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit coins in the United States; and assist in the prosecution of suspects involved in any aspect of coin counterfeiting.

Key Objectives

  • Create an organization with sustained funding to mobilize and assist law enforcement and other government agencies in protecting the industry and public from counterfeit coins.
  • Improve communication, cooperation, and mobilization of resources among industry and government stakeholders in fighting coin counterfeiting.
  • Provide information, expertise, and other resources to support law enforcement in the prosecution of counterfeiters and those who knowingly traffic in counterfeits.
  • Increase the risk and reduce the returns to coin counterfeiters and those who traffic in counterfeits.
  • Identify and exploit chokepoints in the distribution of counterfeit coins.
  • Support improvements in and distribution of anti-counterfeiting technology and practices.

ACTF Work Groups

Ancient Coins

Assist law enforcement in the identification of counterfeit ancient coins. Identify historical areas of origin of genuine ancient coin types.


Develop curriculum, workshops, and seminars to assist in educating law enforcement professionals about counterfeit coins in the marketplace. Develop educational materials and conduct workshops or seminars to educate dealers, collectors, and the public about counterfeit coins. Maintain and update website and portals:

  • Website
  • Portals for Law Enforcement and Dealers


Develop and implement fund-raising campaign to generate enough funding to support work of the foundation and task force.


Review and identify changes needed in current local, state, and federal laws and regulations regarding the manufacture, possession, and buying and selling of counterfeit coins. Also, review and identify changes needed to prohibit the use of fake certificates and packaging and the marketing of such items, including advertising practices in print and online offerings.


Identify, test, and evaluate anti-counterfeiting technology. Publish findings as public service to dealers and the public. Develop best practices standards for those engaged in buying and selling precious metals products. Assist law enforcement by identifying best technologies and methods for identifying counterfeit coins.

Transport/Storage Security

Identify and develop best practices standards to prevent infiltration of counterfeit coin and bullion products in commercial transport and storage facilities.

World Mints

Royal Canadian Mint, Austrian Mint, Royal Australian Mint, Perth Mint, Prestige Bullion (South Africa) advise and provide leadership in identifying counterfeits of bullion coins and precious metals bars in the world marketplace; consult regarding effective methods and technology to thwart counterfeiters. Assist in providing images and genuine product information for use in public education and law enforcement education and training.

Expert Network

Identify and develop teams of experts in various areas of the nation who can identify counterfeits for law enforcement agencies and act as expert witnesses to testify in court proceedings.

Private Mints

Provide product information on coins and bullion products manufactured by private mints in the United States to enable law enforcement to identify counterfeits of such products. Establish private mint liaison with Transport and Security WG to develop best practices standards to prevent infiltration of counterfeits of private mint produced coin and bullion products into commercial transport and storage facilities.