Which silver American Eagle is real?

A pebbly or dimpled surface in the fields of a coin is often a clue that it is counterfeit.

ACEF Which silver American Eagle is Real?

Thus, the 2013 silver American Eagle depicted on the left was immediately suspicious. However, the 2013’s diameter and weight were within tolerance of the diameter and weight  for genuine silver American Eagles, such as the 2019 specimen depicted on the right. Also, both coins tested 99.9 percent silver.

After careful observation, one specialist suggested that perhaps the 2013 coin was just “dirty,” noting that both the design elements and the surface fields of the coin exhibit the same pebbly or dimpled effects, probably caused by improper storage. He suggested a quick  dip in acetone to test his theory. Violà! The 2013 coin emerged with no particles on the design elements or the fields of the surface!  

Only an experienced, knowledgeable specialist should attempt removing dirt from the surfaces of coins. If you encounter problems on the surfaces of coins, consult a rare coin dealer, such as those founded in ACEF’s Trusted Experts directory at acefonline.org

The answer to our question: Both the 2013 and the 2019 silver American Eagle bullion coins are REAL.

L to R above: (L) Obverse of 2013 silver American Eagle displays pebbly or dimpled surface, (C) close-up of the 2013 coin reveals that both the design elements and the surfaces of the fields exhibit the same properties, (R) a quick, expert dip in acetone reveals the dirt has disappeared and the coin looks normal again.