Counterfeiters Using Dealer and Numismatic Associations’ Logos to Lure Victims

Anti-Counterfeiting Task Force investigators are beginning to see counterfeiters using coin dealership and numismatic organization logos on their website or social media platform to enhance credibility to the counterfeit coin and precious metals being advertised for sale. The following site illustrates how cybercriminals illegally use legitimate brands to enhance their rate of success.

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The fraudulent website, Matese Shop, above uses the logo of West Coast coins, NGC, CAC, PCGS and PNG as a tactic to legitimize the sale of the 100th Anniversary Morgan Dollar at the advertised price of $19.99 which is well under market value. West Coast coins and PNG did not authorize the use of their logo on the website.

100th Anniversary Morgan Dollar 1921-2021 - West Coast Coins
Logos used without permission on couterfeit sites

Crime Prevention Tip

  • Dealers should be alert to potential brand infringement by counterfeiters in coin and precious metal advertisements.
  • Dealers should educate customers on the escalation of counterfeit coins and precious metals being sold on e-commerce and social media platforms.
  • Dealers should encourage customers to visit the ACEF website and sign up for email alerts and to report a counterfeit.
  • Collectors and the public should buy from reputable dealers such as the Professional Numismatist Guild, a PNG Accredited Precious Metals dealer, or a well-established local dealer.

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